Stand-up skiing is where VASS put its roots down 45 years ago.   Skiing give us a greater ability to balance than boarding and makes it easy for students to control their speed until there is a mastery of turning and terrain management.  Check out all of the program descriptions below.


Tuesday Night Autism Spectrum Disorder Skiing  |  Grouse Mountain $150

January 21-February 25, 2020 -6:00-8:30 pm

This is a programmed that was launched many years ago in conjunction with Vancouver Autism Network.   Since then our national training association had delved deep into pedagogy that allows us to maximize the opportunity to teach student on the autism spectrum. Our instructors on this program not only have amazing knowledge but also a deep passion to work with the students and meet them where they are.  Open to all ages and ability level.



Program is full and I would like to be waitlisted


Tuesday Night Family ASD Skiing  |  Grouse Mountain $250

January 21-February 25, 2020 -6:00-8:30 pm

This is a pilot program for VASS this year with the end goal of creating ski families.  Both a student and parent or caregiver are invited to come to the same weekly ski lesson.   For the first 3 weeks, the student will work with our amazing instructors and the parents will be in a group lesson with one of top instructors to develop their own ski ability and learn about some of the kinaesthetic tools that we use in our CADS training.  In the last 3 weeks of the program the adult will be integrated back into the student lesson with the goal of becoming independent of the instructors and thus … creating a ski family. 

The student can be at an level and the adult participant must be a strong green run skier as a minimum.   There are only 8 spots available and after signing up, you will be contact for a quick interview to ensure that a high success rate for everyone.   This program is a little more expensive at $250 and covers both student and adult, rentals if required and ski passes for both that will be good even after the lessons are over.   There is no waitlist fo this program.  




Tuesday Night Intermediate and Advance Skiing |  Cypress Mountain $150

January 21-February 25, 2020 -6:00-9:00 pm

Cypress Mountain is an incredibly beautiful venue in the north shore, and the terrain lends itself to a skier with a little more skill.    We reserve this program for our accomplished skiers the require only 1 to 1 instruction.  Skiers should be able to negotiate blue runs.  Rentals can be arranged, though it is better if students have their own gear at this level of performance.     

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Tuesday Night Cypress Ski

Program is full and I would like to waitlisted


Wednesday Night Ski |  Grouse Mountain  $150

January 22 – February 26, 2020 – 6:00-9 pm

This is our powerhouse evening session the is wide open to anyone with any type of disability.   The ages in the  program last year ranged from 8 – 68.   This is the perfect evening session for brand new skiers or students looking to refine there craft and still may require some extra support.   If you are lucky enough, you will even find the president of VASS up volunteering on the ski hill that night.  Make sure to go and give ANNE a giant hug when you see her…. she is responsible for what VASS has become. 


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Saturday Morning Ski | Grouse Mountain $150

January 25- February 29 ,2020 – 9-11 am

Saturday morning skiing is filled with electricity.   We have special permission to get the very first tram up before the crowds start.   Daytime definitely can work better for some of our students and the team of instructors are ready to assist anyone that shows up with any disability.  Many family, that love to ski, will take the opportunity to enjoy the slopes while their family member is having a lesson with us…. and then if appropriate with students skill level, enjoy skiing together as a family in the afternoon.



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Sunday Morning Ski  | Grouse Mountain $150

January 26- March 1 ,2020 – 9-11 am

Although true that the Sunday team can support any type of skier and sitskier, there is also a twin snowboard program running at the same time.   If you are a student and you are not sure if you want to ski or board, this is the perfect program for you.  It is always great to have more options when it comes to learn about sliding on snow.   This program is open to all ages and people with any disabilities.    



Program is full and I would like to be waitlisted


Blue Streaks ALL MOUNTAIN  | Grouse Mountain $200

WARM UP Dec 14th Program January 23/26- Feb 27/Mar 1 ,2020 – Sundays Under 19yr and Thursdays Adult – Times vary

This program is for students that are at a level of ski or board development where they are at an intermediate level of skill and would benefit from being in a  group environment with less direct supervision.  The major focus in on getting mileage and having fun.   There will be some instruction but it is much more terrain based learning and managing the environment.

This program is by invite only. Thursday evenings are for adults  and the Sunday afternoon program is for those under 19yr.  For more information please email James at to see if this is a good fit for you.  


Blue Streaks RACE | Grouse Mountain

January 4- Feb 29 ,2020 – Saturdays and Thursdays 

The VASS Adaptive Alpine Racing Program is run in partnership with Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club. Known as “The Blue Streaks”, this program is intended for intermediate to advanced skiers with a physical or intellectual disability who have an interest in ski racing.If you are a strong, confident skier who can make it down a Blue run, we want to talk to you about joining our team.Team members will start dry land training in the fall and then train and race on Grouse on Thursday evenings and Saturdays.  The team will participate in local races at Grouse Mountain as well as other races as ski areas throughout the province. Depending on their ability, racers use recreational skis and boots or race equipment.

Thursday evenings from 5:30:PM to 8:30 PM & Saturdays from 7:20AM to 2:30 PM


Racing Development: $475 for 2 days of training (Thursdays and Saturdays) or $250 for 1 day of  training. 

Fees include VASS Program Fees (includes coaching & lift passes) and Tyee Ski Club Membership ($65)

Fees do not include any required travel, accommodation, or meals to attend out-of-town races.  Fees do not include race fees.

Helmets are required for all racers.

This program is by invitation only.  For more information and to registration please contact the program coordinator at   race@vass