Saturday Morning | Seymour Mountain   

January 26 -March 23 , 2019

Program Coordinators: Mark Davison and Simon Cho

Registration Expression of Interest click here 

People wishing to be in the Seymour Saturday Sit Ski Program must express their interest by completing the  a Sit Ski Expression of Interest Form for the lottery by January 11th.

Anyone who does not make the main program goes on a waiting/drop in list and fills in on any vacancy during the regular program and will at least get out once or twice on the drop in days.

All program or drop in students must be members of BC Adaptive Snowsport and pay their membership fee prior to taking any lesson.

The program cost is $90 for three lessons and $30 for a drop in session. The lottery will decide who gets the first choice on time and lesson blocks. The first name drawn will get first choice and we will continue until all spot are filled.

In addition, membership at BC Adaptive Snowsport ($53 fee) is required.

**IMPORTANT: Once you have received a spot in the program you must get your BC Adaptive Snowsports Membership**
All students are required to be members of the BC Adaptive Snowsports (BCAS) prior to registering.  Please visit the BCAS website to purchase your Skier/Snowboarder membership ($53) and ensure you receive your BCAS number as it will be required for registration.  Please note: a credit card is required for payment; if you do not have access to one please email

If you have any questions, please contact Mark or Simon.