Thursday Night | Grouse Mountain 

January 24 – February  28, 2019

Program Coordinators: Corinne Risler  & Paul Claproth 

The Grouse  sit-ski program is intended for people who have already had an introduction to sit-skiing and are working toward a higher level of independence on the mountain in either a mono-ski or a bi-ski.  This program will mainly take place Thursday evenings on Grouse Mountain, offering students 6 classes on the slopes.

Due to a limited number of sit-skis and instructors, enrolment in this program cannot be guaranteed.  For this reason, and because not all developing sit-skiers are available on Thursday nights, VASS will try to accommodate some intermediate drop-in lessons at other times.

If you would like to register for this program or would like to know more and determine if this is the right sit-ski program for you, click here to fill out an expression of interest.

Students wishing to be in the Grouse  Sit Ski Program must express their interest by completing the  a Sit Ski Expression of Interest Form  by January 1st 

If you have any questions please email  and we will respond as quickly as we can to any questions you have, discuss lesson availability and if appropriate, help you register for the program.

VASS’s long term vision for this program is to be able to provide lessons to  sit-skiers on any day of the week, so that all developing sit-skiers can receive the lessons they want.  In the meantime, thank you for your patience as we do our best to accommodate everyone who is interested in becoming a better sit-skier.

Program Cost: $150

Drop in Lesson Cost: $25 per lesson

**IMPORTANT: Once you have received a spot in the program you must get your BC Adaptive Snowsports Membership**
All students are required to be members of the BC Adaptive Snowsports (BCAS) prior to registering.  Please visit the BCAS website to purchase your Skier/Snowboarder membership ($53) and ensure you receive your BCAS number as it will be required for registration.  Please note: a credit card is required for payment; if you do not have access to one please email