Tuesday Night | Cypress Mountain 

Program Coordinator: Corinne Risler

The program begins in early January and runs for the entire season at Cypress Mountain.  Exact dates will be provided in December.

The program accepts and caters to all disabilities. Although the program does welcome ski athletes over 16 just learning to ski, usually our skiers have already graduated from one of the other VASS “learn to ski” programs and have already achieved basic skiing ability.

Volunteer instructors will be assigned to each VASS athlete with the objective of enhancing ski ability, with an end goal of enabling them to participate in more advanced VASS ski programs. This includes assisting those ski athletes who have interest in VASS race programs, and enhancing the ability of all VASS athletes to ski more challenging ski runs. 

Note: Our programs rely on volunteer instructors. In the event that there are insufficient volunteers, we may need to refund your registration payment. To increase our volunteer pool, we encourage parents, family members and family friends to become volunteers and get certified.

Cost: $150.00 for the season + $53 BC Adaptive Snowsport membership fee

To register click here 

**IMPORTANT: Before you register you must get your BC Adaptive Snowsports Membership**
All students are required to be members of the BC Adaptive Snowsports (BCAS) prior to registering.  Please visit the BCAS website to purchase your Skier/Snowboarder membership ($53) and ensure you receive your BCAS number as it will be required for registration.  Please note: a credit card is required for payment; if you do not have access to one please email info@vass.ca